Vigil Website Monitoring (Android) - Play Store

Helped launch the first version of the app to the Play Store.


Branch (iOS) - App Store


Liberate (iOS) - App Store

A small side project to limit website consumption.


HuntWise (iOS) - App Store

Contracted to help build hunting prediction related features.


Rhino (Android)


Rhino (iOS)

Built quickly for Modustri to help pair heavy equipment technicians to heavy equipment owners in need of service. Not a lot of flair like my past work, but a very practical tool.


Poncho (Android)


Poncho (watchOS 2)

Support for glance and all available complications


Poncho (iPhone)

Personal weather forecasts written by a cat just for you! Poncho has you covered with a cute alarm clock, GIFs, and jokes that will make you smile whatever the weather.

In the news:  TechCrunchThe VergeProduct Hunt, Digital Journal, @AppStore


Glitter (iPhone)

Glitter is a trading card social network. It's business cards for people that don't do business.

In the news: TechCrunch, Product Hunt


Forge (iPad)

Forge is the digital workspace where visual thinking -- typically spread across sketchbooks and studio walls -- fits into your screen. Build your ideas, fast and focused, with Forge. 

** Forge is an App Store's (iPad) Editor's Choice app, the App Store's (iPad) Best of February app, and the #12 iPad app of 2015 **

In the news: LifeHacker, MacWorld, CNET, The Verge, Mashable, TNW


Evernote Script Launch (SDK)

Worked with many people to refine the settings interface provided to developers, hardened bluetooth code, and corrected pen offset issues.

In the news: MacWorld, AppAdvice, Engadget, and many more


FitPRO: Workout Automator (iPhone)

FitPRO is an iPhone app that helped me automate my workout workflow. As a fun side project, I wanted a tool that could "speak" my workout to me on timed intervals. No more sweaty hands on my iPhone!


Fuse Presenter (iPad)

Fuse is an app for creating interesting presentations from a single source: Dropbox. Import PDFs and images, then organize them however you'd like. You can play your presentation through 3 different modes: Map, Zoom, and Slide. Each has it's own interesting twist.


100 Numbers Game (iPhone)

In a night of hacking, I made a simple game using The game randomly queries a number question from the API and the user must guess that number: between 1 and 100. There is a view for seeing the completed numbers so the user can track their progress and rule out numbers when guessing.


TeamDDM Presentation App (iPad)

This iPad app allowed the sales team to show off past DDM client work to potential/future clients. It uses the same API as the DDM website to gather project information.


Henderson Global Funds (iPad)

This iPad app was made for Henderson Global Investors to track and follow mutual funds and portfolio managers. My primary role was developing the contact form page and fixing bugs.